Erasmus plus connects us!

First meeting in Turku (Finland)

The first meeting (30 October/1 November 2018) has been the founding moment of the project.
Partners have discussed about the open data impact via an action-oriented framework. In fact, open data is not about just learning the technical skills.
Open data is about the democratic culture at local, national and international level. Citizens can empower themselves and have a say in terms of transparency and influence decision-making.
The first meeting has also set the overall working calendar and methodology.

Second meeting in Cori (Italy)
The second meeting (7 April/9 April 2019) has been a crucial meeting to revise the Open Data Impact Framework and to define the training dates.
July 2019 (from the 21-26) will be the period where partners will experiment educational material and learn practical tools of open data mapping and crowd-sourcing contribution. The second meeting has also set the further working calendar and methodologies for output 2 and 3.